My Brooks Jensen interview – LensWork

Heart Broken Fence

Last week after my return from China, I had my interview with Brooks Jensen, the Co-Editor of LensWork magazine in preparation for the LensWork Extended DVD and print editions.

I am always fastinated with the reactions that I receive from my images, and this conversation was no exception.  I knew that Brooks would want to talk about my artistic development and the Bad Trip – Sad Trip series.  Not being familiar with the LensWork Extended format, I did not know where this part of the discussion would go.

After discussing my background development and the series itself, we started discussing individual images, including this one, Heart Broken Fence. What was interesting to me are the images that he chose to discuss and some of the comments and thoughts that he had about them.  One image from the series, Winter Field, Indiana, he identifed as wanting to spend more time discussing in one of his podcasts, which he thought would be in December, before the issue 74 was on the newsstands. I will post that information when it becomes available.

We did talk briefly about his image selection process for the magazine (all of the images will be on the DVD) and again, I will be extremely interested to see which images are in the print edition and especially the pairing of the images.  As I am working on my privately published book and recently did my image pairing from this series, I want to find out if some of those same image pairs are in LensWork, or what image pairs are created in LensWork.

All in all, an intersting experience and I guess that well after the fact, I wish that I could have mentioned some other stuff, but that is for another time, or perhaps right here later after edition 74 is published;- )

Oh yeah, I was dying to ask if one of my images had either the front or back cover, preferring the front cover of course.  But that will be one more surprise when I finally see the printed magazine!

Best regards, Doug

Clarification: the interview will be only on the DVD Extended LensWork and not in the print edition.

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