Travel log recollections: JiaXing China

JiaXing Downtown Landscape

For me, this is a classic image that summerizes my impression of the JiaXing landscape; massive transition in the midst of very old tradition. 

Massive transistion in that eveywhere there is change occuring and it is happening very rapidly. The huge amount of construction cranes are not restricted to Shanghai, but to almost all cities of any size. Understand that JiaXing is larger in population than Atlanta, Georgia and most Americans know of Atlanta, how many can say that they have even heard of JiaXing? Not me until I went there.

The old pagoda (on the grounds of the 1921 Club) is dwarfed by the surrounding buildings, those built and those being built, with the cranes and construction in the haze, looming in the distance.  And of course the usual omipresent haze.  And the airconditioning units on the wall and the heating units on the roofs.  When you buy an apartment in China, you get the bare walls. That’s it.  No utilities or fixtures.  And it is not uncommon to see the laundry hanging out the window to dry. A combination washer-dryer is a big luxury item.  Available at WalMart of course.  Yep, they have a WalMart, almost like home, situated next to McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut. (and yes, I did make one trip to McDonalds, and again, just like home, yummmmy).

FYI, this image was taken out my window the first morning of my stay in downtown JiaXing. We stayed here only two nights before moving to the 1921 Club near that pagoda. Even a five lane bowling alley on the fourth floor of this hotel.  Nope, no bowling during this stay, but their adjacent Tea Room had some nice Jack Daniel’s to savor;- )

Best regards, Doug

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