PingHu China: Placid Lake

Country Road Hangzhou

After the first of the year, I will be returning to China for another two to three weeks.  This time I will be at PingHu in the Zhejiang Providence, which is actually near JiaXing where I was at in October – Novemeber.  You have to know which Providence for PingHu, as there are about six cities in China named PingHu, which means Placid Lake.  Ping can also mean Calm, but I like the Placid Lake translation better at the moment.  Since I will be there in winter, I don’t know how calm this lake will be, as I hear that it can be very windy during this period.

This image, Country Road, was made in the foothills in Hangzhou and incorporates a number of memories of China, thus another reason I like this image; that of the fields, the people, the small tractors and the presence of cars, the new affluence.  The foreground ‘metor’ on the road was a nice accidental find, symbolizing the speed of change in China in this region and China as a whole.

As I near the completion my first Editioned Folio, Foundations, I now find myself thinking about the images that I made on the first two trips into China and what I may photograph on this next, and create another Editioned Folio about my China experiences.  I need to name this Editioned Folio and while I am in PingHu or Shanghai, I will have another chop (stamp) made of the Chinese characters for the Folio title so that I can incorporate it into the Folio design. Sweet!

And I know that during that time in China, regretfully I will not have access to this blog. Double Darn.

Best regards, Doug


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