LensWork #74 update – In Passing

Canyon Tracks

Canyon Tracks, Nevada from the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip & published in LensWork #74

I just recieved my advance copy of LensWork #74 and it looks wonderful!

I am one of four photographers, the others being Josef Hoflehner, Ann Miller and Barry Wolf.  There are 21 images from my series in the print edition, the full series will be in the DVD LensWork Extended along with my interview.

The LensWork editorial staff have also re-titled the name of my project to In Passing, rather than Bad Trip – Sad Trip. I am okay with this title change and in fact I find that I like it.

One of my biggest interest in this publication was the image selection and image pairing. Some surpries and some good guesses based on the interview I had with Brooks and the images that he wanted to discuss.  Obviously, the image with this post is one of the images selected! When this issue becomes available in on the magazine racks or you receive your subscription, I’d be interested in your feedback.  I’m going to reserve my comments for now;- )

Second interest, is to evaluate the printing of the LensWork glossy images to my own matte printed images.

I do need to add a couple of images to my web site to ensure that all of the LensWork print images are available. Meanwhile I am vasalating over what to do next with the series, with my book draft already in progress, but now reviewing the folio concept as another alternative. When I order the folio covers for my Editioned folio Foundations, I think that I am also going order a portfolio box to evaluate.

Best regards, Doug

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