Photo of the Day: Jellyfish


We did a little family trip to the Long Beach Aquarium (Aquarium of the Pacific) today, which was a lot of fun and with an adult to child ration of 1:1, just about right!  They have a bunch of kid oriented areas, with the usually touch the fish stuff, but they also have a small bird santuary with a variety of parakeets that will drink from a small cup that you hold, a GREAT photo opportunity for the kids with the very colorful birds sitting on their little arms. Nice. 

But I am a very big sucker for the jelly fish! As you can tell from this posted image, in color no less.  As I think about it, this is really the one subject that I believe works best in color for me. I am so fansinated by these, I could just stand in front of the various tanks for hours.  I almost forgot to take some photos today as well.  Too bad that some great photo books have been made about Jellyfish, but I could do a series just to do it. Does that make sense? 

I did make some images in JPG and RAW, but with the Canon G2, I forgot to adjust the ASA up to 400, thus the JPG turned out shaper and this is one of those JPG’s.  very nice.

Next time I need to remember to bring the Canon XTi;- )

Best regards, Doug

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Jellyfish

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  1. Hehe, i wondered if I had the right blog for a second there when that shot popped up on the screen!

    Nice to see you having a bit of fun with it. Haven’t been around in a while so looking forward to catching up on the blog. Hope you’re enjoying the holidays :)

  2. Julie, thanks, I did enjoy this and the holidays! I guess I need to add a spot of color on occasion to keep the troops on their toes, eh?

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