Editioned Folio: In Passing

Santa Suzanna Pass

Crosses at Santa Rosa Pass (from the project In Passing) copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale

One of the outcomes from having my project In Passing  (Bad Trip – Sad Trip) published in LensWork, is being able to see what my images would look like published in a small book.  Granted, I will have a slightly larger image in my own book as it will be larger, probably about 20% larger. Not really a whole lot. My problem is that the vast majority of my images are horizontal in a vertical format book.  You can see in LensWork the difference in the displayed images between a horiztonal versus vertical image.  Its a big and noticable difference.

Then I received my copy of Quarry Land from Simon Denison, who I have quoted from his introduction for my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip. Although it is apparent that Simon probably uses a Hasselblad with a square format negative, the book is in a horizontal format. The few horizontal images look great and are displayed to great effect. That was the deal killer for my self published book with the Epson 4800, I could not create a horiztonal format book that can provide the page real estate that I want to make the images quality I want.  I am now thinking about the 24″ wide HP Z3100, which would give me the ability to make a horiztonal book, but that is not in the immediate plans.

So perhaps I will find someone else who may be interested in publishing Bad Trip – Sad Trip. But my plans to bring a printed dummy with me to Photo LA is not going to work out, as my assignement in China is at the same time as Photo LA, so no Photo LA again this year. Its just that this event is occuring almost in my back yard here in Southern CA, a missed opportunity, so I better not include that in my 2008 goals;- )

Thus, my recent experience with the Editioned Folio for Foundations. I am in production of the first printing of the folio, but in the planning, I have found a 11″ x 14″ with a 1″ deep archival clam shell (Light Impressions) that may work for an Edition of the entire series of Bad Trip – Sad Trip, all 50 prints, plus an intro, cover sheet, etc.  I may have to use the Entrada 190gm natura versus the 300gm to keep within the 1″ depth of the clam shell.  The prints would also be loose and unbound like the smaller folio. I am expecting my sample clam shell in the next day or so, so I can finish my calculations before ordering the roll paper for the printer.  Only draw back is that it is going to end up being an expense Edition folio with 50 prints, even with an introduction price at $100 per print, that’s $5 grand for the Series Edition.  With the prints at a $150 each, that takes the Edition up to $7.5 grand.  I guess the good news, is at that price, I will not have to worry about making many of them!

Best regards, Doug

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