Chinese Fashion Show

1st and 2nd place - Industrial Fashion Show

Okay, who thought of me as a ‘fashion’ and runway photographer?? Yep, me neither. But what a fun opportunity!

This is a fashion show, with the dresses designed by the workers and staff at this industrial site in Pinghu, also modeled by the dress designers and the dress’s materials used are from the non-woven industrial materials that are used in this facility. Who would have thought! And they all had some fun as well, and this photo shows the lead ‘model’, Dinah, who won first place (a Chinese wedding dress) and on her right, second place. In the photo below, you see Dinah in another dress she designed, which won third place. As you can tell, they have seen some professional runway models before this, as they were looking great and walking this little runway with some style.

There were the initial three judging and we had a chance to see the finalist, which occurred on the Friday evening of the companies New Lunar Year party. At another factory the company owns in China, they had been doing this fashion show since the late 1980’s. This was the first year for this factory and staff. Hard to believe that these clothes were made from non-woven material used to construct sterile medical operating gowns and apparel. All I can say is well done! Hao bang!

Dinah - 3rd place

So since the company staff thought I was the most professional photographer (and I was from Southern California, which is near LA, eh?) that I would be the guest photographer of the fashion show. It was that or be one of the ‘guest’ judges. No way was I going to go near that one! I did not know what to expect when they first told me about this earlier in the week. Then they did mention that they were renting a stage and a runway. hmmmmm, so I started to think, this might be a very unique insight into the Chinese industrial culture, so what might come of it??

I’m still not sure, but it was a fun evening, even if I did not understand a word of it. And I did get access to photograph the rest of this new industrial complex which is still going through additional development. Thats what I can a real win-win situation!

I was very impressed, but then again, I’m a landscape photographer;- )

Best regards, Doug

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