SoFoBoMo – Book Proposal

One thought that the Doonster pointed me to regarding SoFoBoMo ( and I keep typing SoPoBoMo where I am thinking Photo, not Foto – I know, blame jet lag) is a thought by Colin at Photostream to develop the final output in a book format, but perhaps more in line with a book proposal format.

Why I bring up this point is that I have been thinking more of a final, final conculsion, that is a book in print as the SoFoBoMo output. Thus, I have been giving some thoughts to the Print on Demand (POD) route, e.g. Lulu or Blurb. But the problem has been inconsistent or even outright lously printing. Not exactly what you want in a finished book that you want to fully reflect your  creative vision.

But the idea that the basic book design has been complete, the images selected, developed, tweaked and in the right sequence, and the copy written and ready is a great thought. And a final package that would be a good for a publisher submission as book proposal. hmmmmm.

Perhaps getting my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip into a book proposal format would be a great trial run to work on the SoFoBoMo process details. Something more to think about;- )

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Doug,
    I ran across another printing company this morning via a John Seltzer ( His note to me (I had asked out Blurb)says:
    “Anita Jesse » I have checked into Blurb, and I will possibly use it for some other projects in the future, but this initial publish is going to be done with CreateSpace. One thing I don’t like about Blurb is that you are forced to use their software to design your book. It makes it a little more difficult to deal with if you don’t want their canned designs…”

    I haven’t heard anything else about CreateSpace, but maybe some more info on them will surface by way of others who have signed up.

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