Guy Yates – Akikana

Guy Yates
Inawashiroko, Fukushima-ken, Japan

Copyright of the artist, Guy Yates

One of the things that I found myself reflecting on during this last trip, was my interest in other photographers who are also working on what I am calling the social landscape. Some may also call this the urban landscape or perhaps street photography. But it is a form of documentary photography that looks at and sees the clues to the underlying culture and about the lifestyles that are chosen.

Thus, I recommend you look at the work Guy Yates, a.k.a Akikana, a fellow member of the Stills photography group, of whom I have enjoyed the pleasure of looking at his images about the Japan urban landscape for some time now, a place that he has lived for the last ten years.

Best regards, Doug

Update: Thanks to Guy, I now have a very stable (and wonderful) image to illustrate his work (thanks for the jpg, Guy!) and I am still working on the process to be able to obtain images about others to discuss. So I am back on a steep learning curve, again!  Thanks to all for your patience;- )

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