Second Editioned Folio in Development

Halloween Costume

I have started working on the development of my second Edtioned Folio, which will be 15 images from my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip. As to a book version of this series, after wafling back and forth so many times, I feel compfortable that the series was well represented in LensWork and the entire series is in the LensWork Extended DVD. In other words, I’ve not had any photographer publishers beating down my doors to take this series to print;- )

Of course, I’m not sure how many folks want to have to purchase this Edtioned Folio either!

Thus, I am planning to make the first printing to be a smaller quantity Edition than I did with the Foundations retrospective folio. Unless of course that I have a ton of folks who ask to be placed on the waiting list for the folio, which I am targeting to be ready for purchase in April. I would like to have the printing and assembly of this edtion completed before the start of SoFoBoMo in May.

And like the Foundations Folio, I will start with an introductory price of the Edition Folio at $1,500 (equivalent of $100 per print) which includes shipping anywhere, for the first couple of months before the price is increased to my regular price.

The selection of the 15 prints went a little different than I thought. And the resason for 15 prints, is that with the first folio and 12 prints on 309gm rag, I had some room left over and when I added three more 309gm prints, as the Goldilocks had stated, “just right”. From the inital 50 images from the series, I was able to quickly par that down to thirty images. Well, that kinda tells me that I would be very compfortable with a second Bad Trip – Sad Trip Edition Folio, but that was not going to be of much help right now.

Getting down to 20 images was a lot harder, and then the final 15 left me flip-flopping between some in my selection with the other images not chosen. So I have made the final selection and I’m carrying those prints around with me to continue evaluating and make sure that I’m compfortable with this selection. 

When I went back to the LensWork publication, I realized that only 60% of the images I choose were in the print edition of the magazine. At one time, I thought that my first Bad Trip – Sad Trip Edition would be 100% of the images that were also published in the print edition of hte magazine. But I guess not, so the take away is that Brooks and I only agree on the relative synergy of 60% of the images;- )

Shortly I will be printing these 15 images as proofs on the Moab Entranta Natural, a 300gm 100% rag matte medium.  I found that I liked the non-brightened (bright white) natural tonality of this paper with the image tonality that I had selected, they seem to complement each other a lot.

After I print these proofs, then I’ll order enough 300gm Entranda Natural to finish the Editioned Folio and begin printing the Edition. And then order the Folio archival covers, probably black again.

Best regards, Doug

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