Tansitional Seam series update

Mobil Home Ranch

After writing yesterday about needing to have some wiggle room in a self-assigned series, it did get me to thinking about two other series that I was working on, specificily A Sideways Glance and Transitional Seam. For both of these series, I am photographing a specific area of Riverside County. And I am finding that one of these two series, A Sideways Glance, fits me like a straight jacket. ouch!

At times before, I have considered melding the photographs of these two series together, but I was not sure which way to consolodate and if I needed to develop another theme to tie them together with. Back and forth, back and forth, so for a while I did not do anything, but keep photographing and muddling this whole thing over.

So yesterday was a kick in my butt, to think about this again. And I knew that the one series was getting to be a worse fit for me, so that was going to be a gonner for sure. And it is now off my gallery web site. Bye-bye.

But the Transitional Seam idea was sticking, so I decided it needed a make-over with a revised artistic statement that included some wease words to help with increasing the ambiguity and give me some more working room.  And after I did that, it now made sense to move all of my imags from A Sideways Glance to this collection, which fits nicely. Which also reinforces the idea of touch editing, somewhat like tough love. It can be hard to do.

And this will probably bring me around to doing something drastic with some of my other ideas on series and some buckets of images that are starting to pile up in my series folder on my computer. Or I just may let them sit and ferment for a while, thus they could eventually turn into a fine whisky or perhaps dung.

And this was all very liberating and felt pretty good;- )

Best regards, Doug

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