Image Editing

Sign of the Times 

I diffenently have many moments of becoming the ‘Charlie Brown’ of photography, when the thoughts Make up your mind, Douglas! come roaring into my head when it comes to editing my photographs.

Case in point is this image, Sign of the Times, that I made on the road into PingHu. One of the many new city signs that I had seen in construction, probably part of the Chinese mandates for the upcoming Olympics. Beautification of the landscape for the Olympic games is not being restricted to Bejing, but all over China. Ya just never know where those pesky tourist will end up, maybe even in PingHu!

The PingHu city sign was in construction for most of my stay and every day when we drove from JiaShan to PingHu, we would pass by or under this sign. I was not always in the right seat to take a photograph in the van pool, having to decide if I wanted to work the right side of the road or the left side of the road with my camera. Usually the right side of the road had more appeal to me, but this view was a left side of the road photo, so I do have just a couple of these variations before the construction was completed.

This image does have a lot of appeal to me on a number of levels. For me, its a keeper. But to keep it where? I have three series in progress from my six weeks in China and this could go in two of the three series. Currently I have it with my Open During Construction series (Zhao Chang Ying Ye). But it could as easily be a part of my series The Flow of Light Brush the Shadow, in as this image is a very nice analogy to my fading memory of my stay and all that I saw.

I keep having the strong feeling that I need to immediately catorize my images, which I understand is my own interanl issue, and has nothing to do with the outside world. Having come to grips with that need, I can then try to work with it, thus I will keep this image in the Open During Construction folder, but know that decision is but a straw-man, a work in progress and I have not finalized anything yet.

I also know that another little thing is also putting the bug in me to edit this series now. I am not talking about the pending SoFoBoMo, but the Palm Springs Photo Festival at the end of this month. I am about to sign up for some photo reviews, those 20 minutes of exposure with a reviewer. I need to choose 12 – 15 images for the reviews and the saying goes, the first couple of images will makes the real impression. If that is true, then I’ll probably only bring 12 images and leave more time to talk, but which 12 and is this image one of them? Egads, here comes that Charlie Brown feeling again!

But I will try not to beat my self up with in-decision at this step of the process;- )   And I need another 5 cents for Lucy!

Best regards, Doug

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