Simon Denison – Quarry Land


Disused Railway line with car tyre 

Disused Railway line with car Tyre, photograph copyright of the artist, Simon Denison

Simon Denison is a British urban landscape photographer who had helped shape my understanding and some of my hard to characterized feelings (remember, I’m a guy) about my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip.

A quote from the Intrdocution of his book, Quarry Land: Evoking a sense of the transience of all things mortal and man-made, these black-and-white images of a single scarred English landscape are local in scope but universal in what they represent. Quiet and contemplative in style, they are charged with a sense of the brevity and fragility of human life.

I also purchased this book, and happy I did!

Best regards, Doug

Note: you should see a much improved version of Simon’s image now.  Simon has just sent me a correctly sized jpg for this post and so I made the change, much improved, eh.  When I attempt a web image capture, many of the photographs that are posted are about half the size I would like to display (750 pixel wide), so I try some upsizing tricks on them, sometimes not successfully, as was in this case. Second, I do try to get the image titles right, and work with what is posted, and in this case, having Simon’s book, I should have done a much better job. So I am not going to apply for any Editor type jobs soon and stick to photography;- )

Simon, thanks for the image file and my apologies for not getting the title correct.


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  1. I happen to think to express your feelings rather successfully between the words and the imagery. Still, I have to agree that that introduction is beautifully stated. Thank you for sharing it.

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