This week – SoFoBoMo prep

Since my goal is to use Blurb as the foundation to carry my SoFoBoMo project (yes, starting May 1 for me, I get to maximize the 31 days, which I may need each and ever one), I became very diligent on trying to finish my first Blurb book, In Passing.

So how is that going, you may ask? Very well, thank you, I replied;- )

For my In Passing book, I have preped the 50 images in the Blurb ICC profile with the sRGB color space (and hue/saturation tweak to bring me back to my Adobe RGB look) and uploaded them into the 10 x 8″ horizontal format for a hardcover book. Most of the book cover wrap is done, image selected but still thinking about the back cover. And I need to add a wonderful image of yours truely.

I added a couple of blank pages between the cover and title page. For the copyright, I still need to add some stuff about the hardcover being a limited edition, privately plublished and when I print the first copy for a print check, to include the A/P stuff. The Introduction is at two pages.

Then the fifty images, one per page. I made the decision to not include the title on each page with the image, so I have two pages of indexs (after all the image pages) to link the page number with the image title. Reason? I want to have the reader look at the image without my implied context, in order that they might create their own context and story (and meaning?) for the photograph.

The image sequencing went very easy in as I had already completed this earlier when I was thinking about self printing this on my Epson 4800. So working from an established book dummy was nice, but for the SoFoBoMo project, I will be starting from scratch. I don’t know if I will make a book dummy, but suppose I can work one up as a prospective and then after laying out the iamges, fill in the blanks. hmmmm.

Next is to add a Colophon about the book production at the end, and then another pair of blank pages.

Then I need to let this whole thing rest a day and then go back page by page to ensure that this is what I wanted (design, look, flow, feel). Then order my first artist proof to see the results. I should have this back in plenty of time before my SoFoBoMo project is complete. At that time, any adjustments for the In Passing book will have to wait until SoFoBoMo is completed.

So far so good, which you now know why I have not been posting very much this last week or so. Oh, did I mention that my client load went nuts and we are remodeling the house, with the kitchen demo next Monday. And a friend is having surgery at the end of this month and probably recouping at our place. Yikes, I will have to multi-task my multi-tasks to carry this off…

Best regards, Doug

Update: For my first draft of In Passing, I now have 62 pages. That would be the absolute minimum pages for the softcover (perfectbound) version.  A quick Blurb check and it does not cost me any more to have up to 80 pages printed in the 10×8″ horizontal softbound. There are some paired images that would work better as a single stand along (no image on the opposite page), so now back to the review table and to insert some blank pages. For the hardbound Limitied Edition version, I am now considering most of the images printed one every two pages (one per spread) with just a couple of pairings that complement each other. nice.

2 thoughts on “This week – SoFoBoMo prep

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  1. And you sleep as well!?

    What wonderful news that “In Passing” is going well. It sounds as if you are successfully implementing the full extent of your project management skills. You would have to be to handle all this.

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