May 1st – unofficial SoFoBoMo procrastenators start date

Okay, tomorrow is May 1st, the last date that the SoFoBoMo procrastenators have to get a full 31 days of their SoFoBoMo project and book completed. I can hear the groans.  I can see the goofy smiles of all of those who finished their SoFoBoMo projects in April. I can not see the bewildered look of those who think that they can do two of these projects back to back. Yes, it is possible, eh?

I think that I shall celebrate this occasion by attaching my new RRS quick clamp to my Hasselblad and then go to bed. Toooo much excitment.

But in reading about most of the recently completed SoFoBoMo books, I shall take the advice, that this is about the process. And I shall enjoy it, or else I am not going to do it;- )

Best regards, Doug

BTW, I even have some un-expired film to shoot. wonderful!

3 thoughts on “May 1st – unofficial SoFoBoMo procrastenators start date

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  1. Keep plugging away my friend. Maybe the breakthrough will not occur in time for this year’s project, but I sense nevertheless that your creativity switch is ON. So what if your series comes together next month or in August or even next year? As the old saying goes; better to have tried and failed than to not try at all. You will still get some benefit out of this, you will see;- )

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