Editing decisions

As I have been going back through my Eastern China photographs, I have been putting my photographs into one of three series. This is the rough cut or as some might label, the straw man. To me it is part of the editing process.

It does force me to make decisions, but it is also part of my self-discovery.

This is photograph is one that has been evolving for me over time. In the winter, the landscapers bundle the shurbs and bushes to help protect them from the elements, usually a very cold blowing wind. My initial reaction was, I had not seen this bundling before and then there were these patterns of bundled palms in the park. The old Chinese practice of the bundling of the womans feet actually did come to mind at the time. But I was reacting to more of the interesting patterns these bundled plants made.

Later my thinking about this set of photographs has broaden, as I also think of the landscape as a reflection of the people who construct them, thus metaphors about the culture and thus a indirect portrait of the people. I do not get off on politics, so you don’t usually get my option on those things, but I do now think that this is a very political photograph about the Chinese people.

So where I was thinking that this photograph would be best in the I’m Just Looking series, I am now putting this in the Business as Usual series. Now it may not end up there during the final edit, but now where I am placing it. And it may find its way to the other series, but today, I have to make a decision. The discover continues…

Best regards, Doug

BTW, happy 4th of July to my readers here in the US, and I guess you understand that I believe you need to enjoy and appreciate your freedom. We can freely express ourselves and usually with no strings attached.

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