Qing Bingleng Pijiu

Perhaps on a less serious note, it is always interesting to me as to what words get adopted into other cultures. Here in the outskirts of Shanghai, it was obvious to me as I walked by this “Beer-Bar” at dusk what gets adopted quickly.

Maybe it is a guy thing, but after learning the usual words of introduction and other nice things to say, I quickly learned “Qing Bingleng Pijiu!”, which is Mandrian for “an ice-cold beer, please”. Also, I learned you have to be very careful how you pronouce words in Mandrain or else you could be wanting to kiss an ice cold beer. Sheeesee.

And an ice cold beer on a 4th of July holiday also seems to make sense. So I wish you all a Bingleng Pijiu and a great holiday afternoon!

Best regards, Doug

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