2nd book production proof

I received my other book production proof this week, the second book that came in is the second production proof of the softback version of In Passing. It was my first book production proof of In Passing last April that set me off to develop my POD sharpening book.

I did not use the B3 custom color for the softbound version of In Passing, but I have no issues with a side by side comparison of the “duotone” color between the two proofs. I noticed only a slight tonal change within the images, but I think that this is a result of the slight contrast increase that comes with the sharpening actions.

And I just noticed that Blurb is announcing their B3 programme in Europe as of the first of this month.

The one thing that really stands out is the huge impact the sharpening of the photographs for the POD output printer does. It makes all of the time, effort and expense spent on developing the proper sharpening action really pay off. What a difference in the printed images when laying the pages of the two versions side by side. I am now really happy with the results, as the pinted images correspond to what I had envisioned for this series. nice

But as far as making with the softbound version of In Passing avilable for sale through Blurb, I probably did this ass-backwards. But it made sense to me at the time!

Since the book marketing folks have worked out the book selling process pretty well, I should not start selling the softback version of In Passing until I have sold out the hardback version. And I am just starting the development of the hard back version now. I will give the hardback the full B3 treatment, eliminating all of the Blurb references (for an additonal fee of course) and then “privately” printing only 15 books plus one proof to create the Limited Edition book to be paired up with the Limited Edition Folio.

And I have found a custom clam shell portfolio box maker, Transient Books in Argentina, who appears to be constructing some really good looking shells. If anyone has experience with them, good or bad, leave a comment. Thanks!

So after I complete the hardcover book design and upload it to Blurb, I will then order my artist proof of the book and get the final dimensions to Transient to finalize the design of the clam shell to hold the book and folio. As I did not receive any volume discounts with Transient, I will order only one clam shell as my artist proof, probably late Summer if all goes well.

I hope to finalize the In Passing L.E. Book & Folio by mid-Fall of this year and then send out some pre-publication announcesments to see if what interest it receives. My version of building a ball park and seeing if anyone wants to come, but without the corn field.;- )

Best regards, doug

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