In Passing – Just Published Blurb book

Well, I continued to think about the publishing strategy for my softcover version of In Passing. It seems that my logic for holding back the softcover version until I complete the Limited Edition was based on traditional book publishing rules.

But I am not doing traditional book publishing, eh?

Now for me, developing the softcover book first was a good idea. It was a lot cheaper to order a copy of the softcover book while working out the design and production kinks for my first POD book, than doing this with the hardcover. But that put the cart before the horse for my overall publishing strategy. But then, using Print on Demand flies in the face of traditional book printing. So why follow their rules if I am not playing by their rules?? Duh!

So what the heck, if the softcover book is now ready, launch it!

The book looks and feels great and it is meant for a different market than the Limited Edition anyhow, so what am I going to lose? I don’t think much, so there you have it. In Passing is now available and you heard it here first!

Okay, now I don’t have to worry about this decison any more and I can spend my energy on more important things.

Best regards, Doug

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