Evolving Landscapes

One thing that I have been striving to do is to include a stronger human presense in my landscape photographs. And seems that others have noticed as well. What I did not notice until it was pointed out to me recently, is that the people in the photogaph seem to be moving away from the camera.

They are seen but not really seen, a player in the landscape story, but an unknown player, perhaps more mysterious than they should. I keep them at a distance, I don’t get let them usually get close. These landscape images of mine are very autobiographical after all, eh?

Best regards, Doug

BTW I was in Xitang, the historical “Water Village” near JiaShan. I liked this architechial composition and the way the light was iluminating the surfaces. I found myself waiting for people to walk down the alley way (hutong) that was parrallel to the canal, past my small vantage point. This one was the one that interested me the most.

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  1. I quite like the “follow me, something interesting this way” aspect of the people moving away. People moving towards the camera never give the same sense of drawing the viewer into the scene, IMO.

  2. Ahhh, being one of the nosy parties who pointed out the repetition of those receding figures. I hasten to add that they are a powerful element in the images and, in my humble opinion, definitely not more mysterious than they should be. Indeed, I think they are very much a part of the evolution in your work that comes from your increased conscious awareness of the heart that has long been part of your work. Martin sums it up eloquently. I only wish I had been as articulate in describing my viewing experience. Now that he points it out, I see clearly that that is part of what I responded to.

    If the images are autobiographical, then I suppose you are that figure beckoning us into these wondrously mysterious and unfamiliar places to find answers or encounter new mysteries—perhaps even to uncover secrets about ourselves.

  3. Well, Martin and Anita, you have me scratching my “head” and thinking some more about all of this, while touching my “heart” as to the emotional connections. Wonderful.

    The benefits of taking a chance and blogging one’s own thoughts.

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