Side trip to Independence Missouri

Hopefully you will not confuse the picture posted here (Lake Elsinore, CA) with Independence, MO, but I have not had a chance to process any of the images yet. Stay tuned!

So we just finished a long weekend side trip to Independence, Missouri for a surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law. Nice when something like this happens and creates a mini-family reunion. And so I was the photographer for the event, surprise, surprise. And I have a ton of JPEG images to sort, tune-up and crop to create a mini-album. I even had the thought of uploading the whole thing to Blurb, but thought better of it!

And I did get to work on my project Places Amongst Us, which although is now a Blurb book, it does not feel finished yet. So I will continue to work on it nevertheless. And I have a couple of Singular Images to develop and post a little later, maybe next week.

But hot and humid. And it will get hotter next month, yikes! I am not used to swatting miskitoes (I know, not spelled right, but you know the nastly little things I am referring to, right?!), either. But I did have the treat of watching the fireflies in the evening. A midwest delight to watch. And of course we had some big stormes come througth as well. Very interesting and I found myself wishing I had more time to spend. And I was missing the medium format rig as well.

But we were awful tight for room, so compromises on equipment to haul and there will be future opportunities. I did have an issue with some JPEG downloads to a cousins computer, so I need to check this out in a little bit.

Best regards, Doug

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