Palm Springs Photo Festival – update

Stockdale and Framani, photography copyright of Tim Anderson

While doing some catch up reading this morning, I did a quick check of the Camera Arts site and noticed that Tim Anderson (publisher Camera Arts) had posted some images he made during the Palm Springs Photo Festival (4/3/08). Canon had lent Tim a 5D with the 24-105mm L lens and he was constatntly taking photographs.  Even during the time I spent with him for my portfolio review with him. But then again, I had spent almost a half hour chatting with Tim just before the portfolio reviews were to start.

Yikes, there were two pictures of me!

This photograph was of me with Hossein Farmani (Farmani Gallery, LA) might take some explaining, as it appears that I might be flipping some one off. Honestly, I wasn’t!

We were having an interesting discussion during the portfolio review about one industrial landscape photographs from my Business as Usual series that I had made in PingHu while I was in Eastern China earlier in the year. This was the image that had stopped him half way through my profolio, and we must have spent the next ten minutes talking about this one photograph.

Do I look intense, yesheee.

Best regards, Doug

Update: In Tim’s extended portfolio, on page 8 you will find another photograph he took of yours truely, this time I am with Tim Wride (formerly with L.A. Museum of Modern Art and now an independent curator). And oh my gosh, we are looking at the same photo that Framani picked out, plus one of the other industrial photograhs, this time inside a new Chinese factory. In this case, Tim spend about 10 minutes with the interior photograph, but kept referring back to the other, but then he decided he REALLY like the industrial interior photograph the best. And I don’t appear to be quite as intense (at least not on the surface, eh?).

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  1. hmmmm, wish it was! But this is great documentation for our accountants to verfiy our write-offs for this day. Yikes, where were those receipts??

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