Camera Obsecura Gallery

While passing through Denver, I had a chance to spend a half day at the Camera Obscura Gallery with Hal Gould and Loretta Young-Gautier. We had a great conversation as we walked the three galleries of images, including the current exhibit of Christopher Burkett.  I provided a copy of LensWork #74  with my series In Passing, which was an excellent introduction and ice breaker.

Chrisopher Burkett exhibit was Resplendent Light, with his color natural landscape images from his recently published book of the same name. I will have to say that his photographs have excellent color and saturation, without the issues of over saturation. Beautiful and intense.

They have an excellent selection of photograph books and I don’t doubt one of the best photo book stores in Colorado. The upstairs Masters Gallery and Contemporary Galleries were awsome, an extensive collection of work of artists and artists estates were available. In fact, about every square inch of wall space near eye level were filled with framed works. A bit overwhelming. Especally since Hal opened this as one of the very first photography galleries. There were folios, matted and framed prints stuffed everywhere.

I am not sure how many times that Hal restated his point, that fine art photographers today need to print in Limited Editions. It is just how it is. Apparently it was Hal who also made this point strong enough to get Bruce Barnbaum to start producting his photographs in Limited Editions. Suffice to say, Hal will not exhibit any photographer who does not produce in Limited Editions now.

Three hours was not enough time and I do not know how I managed to walk out of their without purchasing a book! I guess I will need to go back, eh? A highly recommended stop if you are in the area ;- )

Best regards, Doug

May 2011 Update: Hal has subsquently closed his gallery and bookstore.

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