What makes a good landscape photograph

Arvada, CO copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale

The question of “What makes a good landscape” is one of those questions that at one time, I felt had some relevance. Sorry, but I am  now feeling that the question is only one for me personally.

In fact, I have difficulty with the concept of “good” as adjutive attached to a landscape image, or perhaps any work of art. I try to think in terms of something connecting with me, or not connecting with me. Just because I feel a connection (or not) does not mean that someone else will or will not. Way too personal and I am not a big fan of judgemental statments of late.

So for me, a landscape image should be interesting, there should be something about it that creates interesting forms, shapes, space and other design elements. For some reason, it should hold my interest in some way. And the way that it could hold my interest should vary. Some landscape images are those that can be meditative, there is something that draws me in and allows me some internal reflective time.

The landscape photograph may or it may not have all of the answers. Sometimes they do and those work, sometimes they do not and those work. It is a case by case event, but lately, I am interested by the landscape photographs that do not seen to have all of the answers. It is my opinion that if a series of landscape photographs are grouped, they should support each other in a way that collectively they are greater than each one seperately (unless that stated purpose is something other than that). And this is not as easy at it might seem.


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