Random thoughts – again

I am still reading Joel Meyerowitz’s interview in Cape Light, interesting ideas about photography, seeing, experiencing, color versus black & white, etc. Maybe I will elaborate more, but the one question I have is, that what was written in 1977  relevent today? hmmm.

Julie O’Donnel in a recent article here, made a comment regarding about “a lack of conceptual innovation” as a judgement about her work. Wow, point on for me! Then I read about Meyerowitz’s take a risk, which is easier for an established photographer. I do worry sometimes, I wonder if ‘they’ will get it? And if not, will they judge the effort as being too shallow? Rejection! And so I come back to my (mcuh saner) thoughts that this work is about me ‘getting it’ and okay if others do to. Or not.

Which takes me to yesterday and the photo with this article. Yesterday was graduation day for my granddaughter from Pony School. It was fun, hot and I think I got bitten by something very small. I have a lot of photos of her riding and the such. Fun. Maybe help one of the instructors with getting some camera warrenty work to fix what she thinks is a lemon camera.

But at one point, while waiting during a crayon moment for the class, I started watching a rider in the jump arena. Now you have to know, this is probably my first experience in a horse area. There were some elements that I found interesting, so I shot a number of frames of the rider passing by, framed by the gate, but those photographs just did not connect with me. Then she reversed track and looped around and rode away from me. click. Something connected.

Something more interesting.

Best regards, Doug

And for trivia, this journal recently plowed pass the 30,000 view mark.

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