Changes for the Fall

Over the Summer, I have noticed a number of changes in my photographic work, perhaps with a little too much introspection. Nevertheless, I have found that I am working my projects with a little more intensity and as a result, reducing my blogging efforts here and else where.

I am still not sure how this will eventually play out, but as a result, I have gracefully bowed out of the Stills photoclub and decided not to participate start up a new print exchange. If I am going to participate in any of these efforts, I must make sure that I have the time and inclination to put my best effort forward. If I don’t, then it is not fair to the others.

Likewise, I have noted over the last year, my site really is not an informational portal. This is not where folks come to find links to other sites. Thus, the decision to eliminate the other blog links, that although I visit these blogs regularly, I do not maintain this list and add to it as I probably should. So again, better to remove it from here as others are doing a much better job of it.

So, some changes for the Fall and I shall see where all of this leads. Maybe tomorrow it’ll all be back again.

Best regards, Doug

Oh, and I also deleted a couple of categories that I was did not use much or not in line with current interests, such as “writing” or “camera equipment”.

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