Re:Development update

Hutong Redevelopment #5, China, 2008 photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale

As I complete the 37th triptych for my series Re:Development, it felt like this series was coming together and I was getting some traction. As a result, I completely reworked my web site for my China portfolio Business as Usual, renaming it Re:Development and deleted all of the singular images.

I now am in the process of preparing the other 35 images to be loaded into my web site, so if I were you, I would not be in a hurry to go look. Of note, I did add an Introduction to this series, that discusses my observations and intent. Well, maybe it’s okay to peek ;- )

(Update, for those who don’t have my website bookmarked, and the series is now at 40 triptychs)

So while getting this series brought together, I have some other news that my prototype clamshell being fabricated by Transient Booksin Argentina is in the drying stages. Hopefully I will have some updated photos to share early next week. So far, I think it will be a beautiful presentation for my Limitied Edition folio and book for my series In Passing.

best regards, Doug


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