clam shell for In Passing Blurb book

I just received a photograph of my clam shell artist proof for the Limited Edition In Passing book and folio. This is being constructed by Transient Books, but before a I provide a full endorsement, I will wait until the end of next week when I receive it and review the worksmanship.

So far, they have been wonderful to work with as we tweak out the design details and materials of construction. This photo is the open clam shell, and the hard bound signed book will nestle in the cavity. There is a white ribbon to assist with pulling the book out of the cavity. The folio folder will then be sitting on top of the book with a little space between the two. I will probably need to add a sheet of archival tissue between the two to elimiate any rubbing.

What you do not see is that I have a slight recessed area on the front of the clam shell to add (tip in) a cover photo with book title. So far, so good. Once I put this together as my final artist proof, then a road show to the local galleries to hear about their interest.

I am already thinking about developing a clam shell and Limited Edition book for my earlier retrospective natural landscape folio Foundations. I am in the process of converting this folio into a Limited Edition of 10. I will be soon following up with those who have already purchased this folio to inform them of the change and send them an updated Certificate of Authencity. And find out their interest in adding a Limited Edition book along with the accompanying archival clam shell to the folio.

Best regards, Doug

11/18/09 Update: Second edition of In Passing is now published and available here.

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