Camera Arts making a comeback

copyright Douglas Stockdale

With the May 2008 bankruptcy of the Camera Arts magazine by Tim Anderson, the Publisher & Editor, I thought that the magazine was a goner. Which was sad after I had a great conversation with Tim at the Palm Springs Photo Festival during my portfolio review session.  Which resulted in a request to submit my folio Foundations for his consideration to feature in his magazine. So I had dutifully mailed to Tim the whole package of evaluation prints and CDs; the works.  

Then to find out that it would probably not every be published by this magazine. Darn, dang and double drat.

Well, I still do not think that my folio Foundations will be published in Camera Arts, but the “magazine” is getting a second (third?) life. Doing a random check of odd things on the web, I just found that Steve Simmons who had owned Camera Arts and sold it to Tim, is now getting the magazine title back. Steve is currently the Publisher of View Camera magazine.

But this time, it appears that it is coming back only as an on-line internet magazine. And supposedly sometime late this month.

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Featured photograph: “Arizona Monsoon” photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale, folio Foundations


Postscript; regretfully Camera Arts magazine did not make its virtual come back, as this magazine is sadly now a footnote in photographic history.


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  1. I want to respond to your posting about Steve Simmons. I had sent my subscription renewal check to Tim Anderson in March 2007. I heard nothing and the website provided no information. I contacted the New Mexico Attonery General’s Office and was told that Tim Anderson had given all the unchecked subscription checks to Steve Simmons, who then cashed them but is not providing a magazine.

    I have written to Steve Simmons twice and gotten no response. This guy is cheating me and who knows how many other folks out of our money

  2. Beth – if it’s any consolation, I was searching for the contact information of someone at Camera Arts in order to do some advertising, as they were mentioned in a forum we sponsor as being a magazine someone read (I compiled my list in 2006 and refer to it when working on new campaigns).

    Looks like I should make sure not to pay him up front, eh? :)

    Tisk tisk for people that don’t respond when you contact them for a refund and they OWE YOU.

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