Independence Hall – Philadelphia

Independence Hall Square, Philadelphia, Sept 2008, copyright Douglas Stockdale

We dropped into Philadelphia Saturday night for a five day stay inside the city (Saturday night at Alma de Cuba – a very highly recommended resturaunt downtown off Walnut and 17th). I had been thinking about my Re:Development series and more about how the images flow.

I was not really thinking that I had enough time to develop a photographic series about the downtown part of an older Eastern city like Philadelphia.  But I knew we were going to be walking about, so what could I do to create a visual reflection my fleeting impressions?

So I had decided that I would attempt a couple of serial images of certain places to capture that fleeting impression. The first of these was the Square behind the Independence Hall in the historic section of Philadelphia. It was easy in as we were waiting in line to take the Independence Hall tour, which resulted in us waiting at the fringe of the square that is in the back of the Hall.

I guess not your usual tourist view of Independence Hall and the square. And this is my first impression of the resulting images. I know that the contemporary version is to mash the photographic images together without any white margins, much like I did with Re:Development series. For some reason, adding the surrounding space and lattice work between the images seems to work better for me on this occasion. And the native size of this final image came out large, about 23″ x 30″.

And I still may work this series of images together some ptjer compositions, but at the moment, I like this arrangement.

Best regards, Doug

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