October 13 – more tonal adjustments

Another day of making more tonal adjustments for mu series In Passing on the Harman FB Mp papers. (FYI; 11/18/09 Update: Second edition of In Passing is now published and available here.)

What I am realizing is that I am not detecting the slightly greenish hue in the printed image until the paper really dries down. When I set the new print next to a previous comparison print of a stronger Hue or Saturation, I can then detect the every so slight color difference.

I am getting closer…

Now I am looking at the “artist proof” for the In Passing project that I initially assembled and I am now thinking that due to all of my subsequent changes, I will call this first complete attempt a Trial Proof (T/P), rather than an Artist Proof. I would refer to an A/P as the first correct version as a benchmark for the subsequent Limited Edition. For a T/P, I have made a lot of subsquent changes, such that this initial goup of photographs are not relevent.

But this T/P may be of interest to someone. Especially if I redesign the hardcover book and make some internal adjustments to the clamshell and redesign this as well. The T/P will then become a unique set of photographs, book and clamshell.

Best regards, Doug


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