Exposure Compensation kudos


Hutong ReDevelopment #7, 2007 copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Catching up on my reading and I found that I had received some really nice comments by Miguel Garcia-Guzman on his blog, Exposure Compensation regarding my Un-Critical Mass submission, Re:Development.  I really like his description of my work and to quote Miguel: “Doug’s work highlights a beautiful sense of space, patterns and relationships”. Thank you Miguel!

I still have some self-doubts about the small stories that I created for this series, using the triptych photographs. Especially when the response has been so strong for many of the Singular Images that are the building blocks for the stories. Well, perhaps stories is too large of a concept for the individual triptych’s, perhaps the story is when the 40 triptychs are seen together.

Each of the triptych should be seen as a small poem, perhaps similar to the Japanese Haiku, which when translated to English, are viewed as three lines to equate to the haiku’s three metrical phrases.

And I really do like the triptychs! And I also enjoy some of the singular images that constitute the triptychs, but when they are placed in the context of each other, become visually stronger for me. Especially when some of the images are perhaps a little too conceptual, such as Hutong ReDevelopment #7, (above) which deals with the traces of a Hutong. A haunting and subtle poem about what was and now is not.

And I still wonder, are there those who are in JiaXing that walk these now desolate areas, feel a similar saddness that I experienced?

Best regards, Doug

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