Reflection time


Puerto Rico, November 2008, copyright by Douglas Stockdale

I just completed a quickie trip to Puerto Rico to give a half day workshop. Fly all day from SoCal, get into PR at night, wake up at hotel at gawdawfall 0-dark early (4 hours time change), then off to a conference room to teach. That evening, small group of us out to a small family restaurant, again dark, but great local food and wonderful tastee mojitos. The up again at gawdawfall 0-dark early to pack and shuttle to the airport. At least some day light, and from my past experience in China, I sit on the right side of the bus to photograph out the windows with minimal glare. Not too bad, I like the results.

The nice thing about an eight hour flight in both directions, you get some quite reflection time. Oh, I did bring a past issue of PDN to read, and I wrote a bunch about how to develop a photographic POD book. But I also has some time to quite myself and reflect. About photography, my interests, my family and life in general.

The nice thing about allowing your self to be quiet, is it allows the brain to do some good work for you without the usual daily interuptions. This was good. Also so quiet I caught a nice cat nap too, but gotta think it was my body trying to get caught up on little or disfunctional sleep.

With writing my articles for The Photo Book and thinking about my personal publishing strategy, I think that my ideas were tied to how things were, versus how they are today. In other words, a dated strategy. And as a result, I have not been taking full advantage of the current publishing opportunities. And in retrospect, not putting my very best foot forward.

This was confirmed for me when I returned to the studio and while I was away, were some of the winning copies of the Blurb book contest had been delivered, including the Grand Prize winner, Beth Dow’s In the Garden.

So now as I am in the preparation of the second edition of In Passing, it will be a far different book in appearance. I will be going all out with the best book that I can publish with Blurb; premium paper, hardcover, largest landscape format, the whole cotton-picking works.

And at the moment, I am ditching the plans for privately published Special Edition of In Passing, where I was going to reserve the premium book as a limited edition. And that means also ditching the development of the 15 print Limited Edition folio as well. Seems limited edition prints with a limited edition book is okay, but the interest in an expanded 15 print folio is too small.

Best regards, Doug

BTW the reason I like this image from Puerto Rico is that it provides me with a memento of my memory, the greenness and lushness, the myriad wires for phones and electricity, the urban/rural landscape, the multicolored houses and businesses. It is a record of my lingering glance.

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