Sharpening book – Final edits

Dave Olmstead is now completing the final edits of my revised Sharpening book for POD publishing. So in the mean time, I have been working on a new how-to publish with POD and the revision of my book In Passing.

I had been thinking of removing the first edtion of the Sharpening book off Blurb, since I think the second edition is a really big improvement. Except I noticed today, someone just bought a copy of this book. And the volume of folks who are looking at this book has tripled this week. I wonder who gave this book a recommendation this week? Because I would like to let them know of the new and improved version.

One issue with Blurb is that if you upload a revision to a book, you get a new book number and location on their web site. Thus, with my revised Sharpening book, all of the links to the first edition are going to dead-end as soon as I delete the book off Blurb. So I have to think about this.

Perhaps I may have to keep the first edition on Blurb, with the ad copy pointing to the second edition. When the reading volume for the first edition eveidentially drops off after the first of the year, then I can delete it.

Meanwhile, I did delete two other books for sale off Blurb. In Passing will soon be availble in much improved revised and larger size edition. But in terms of putting my best foot forward, for the revised edition of In Passing, the quantity of photograhs will be decreasing from 49 to 36. Maybe I will have the second edition ready for publication by the end of this month. (11/18/09 Update: Second edition is now published and available here.)

Places Amongst Us was my 2008 SoFoBoMo book, and although it is an appealing concept for a photographic project, it does not put my best foot forward. I am not excited about either the photographs that were published or the design of the book. I am continuing to work on this series, and I do not have a completion date in mind.

Okay, back to more writing, editing and more editing again.

Best regards, Doug

Update: So I had this brainstorm, perhaps who recommended my Sharpening book posted it on the web? So I did a quick Google of “sharpening photographs” and the very first image is my book cover. I guess that could make a difference, eh?

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  1. I am hoping that I will be ready to upload to Blurb by the end of this week. Final edit review, and some pageation tweaking.

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