In Passing – revised Introduction

Seems that the fourth revision, but second edition, to my book In Passing is moving along at a brisk pace. For those who have not followed along for the past year, my very first printed (version) proof was a mess.

But out that publishing experience came my how-to book, Sharpening Photographs for Blurb Printing. nice.

My second version with the output sharpened photographs for off-set printing was wonderful. Then I developed what I thought would be a limited edition hardcover version (third version, privately published, now very limited: 1/1), increasing the page count from 80 to 120 with an improved layout. But the idea of a limited edition Blurb book has gone over like a lead balloon. sigh. Perhaps it was packaging the Special Edition book in a archival clam-shell with the 15 print Limited Edition folio.

So while reviewing some current photographic book projects, it dawned on me. Instead of being tentative with my self-publishing, go all out. Put my very best foot forward. If I am only going to sell a few of these anyhow, make them really worthy of the purchase. That was further confirmed for me when I received the review copy of Beth Dow’s In the Garden, the Blurb grand prize winner. Very nice, which I will elaborate in more detail shortly on The Photo book, when I publish my review of Dow’s book.

So now I am in the final tweaking of the fourth version/second editon of In Passing, which may be still published this week. And as a preview, here is the updated Introduction for the Second Edition:

This series was developed over a two year period that has taken many emotional twists and turns.


My objective has been to photograph the latent emotional traces of tragic events. These are the artifacts of grief, reconciliation and eventual acceptance. The traces of a tragedy can sometimes be very subtle and other times extremely blatant. The evidence can be implied or it can overwhelm you. These are the range of emotions that I wanted to explore.


This series has become a part of my personal journey to comprehend my own mortality and the loss of family and friends. This series has also provided me with a renewed celebration of my life as is today.


My aim was not to provide a view that is comprehensive but provide a context to those memorials that are passed too quickly on the roads we travel. Subsequently, some of these events have created changes to ensure that similar tragedies may not occur in these same places again.

Best regards, Doug

11/18/09 Update: Second edition of In Passing is now published and available here.

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