In Passing – Second Blurb Edition published


In Passing, Second Edition, Blurb, 2008 by Douglas Stockdale

I had thought that the next book that I was going to publish was going to be my Sharpening book.


It turns out to be the second edition of my series, In Passing.

First the good news. New size, the Blurb large horizontal 13 x 11″, so the photographs are nice and big. I have also reduced the number of photographs to the significant few, 36 photographs. Of those, due to the ability to print on the wonderful Harman FB Mp ink-jet paper, I have tweaked at least 7 images that provide a clearer intention of what I wanted to convey.

I realized that I had been a little too creative with the development of these seven photographs, and now they are free of a heavy amount of “creative” development. Food for thought for another post, eh?

And I am taking advantage of the new Blurb “premium” 100 lb luster paper. If you recently read my review of Ben Roberts book One More Night on The Photo Book, you know that this new paper provides a lot of punch. Almost like moving from a matte paper to a luster or gloss paper. With this new paper, you almost appear to have a book published with a traditional off-set press. To say the least, I am really, really looking forward to my proof copy.

The last thing I did, besides some tweaking with the Blurb templates to fully utilize my full horizontal photograph, was to use the hardcover option of Image Wrap versus the traditional Hardcover with a slip cover. This is a contemporary hardcover book that I fell in love with when I reviewed Julie Blackmon’s Domestic Vacations, published with an image wrap cover by Radius Books.

Okay, the bad news? All of this good stuff comes with a stiff price. I am not happy with that part of this, but as I compare this book with some of the other contemporary photographic publishing’s, I am not too far out of the ball park.

Hopefully I will have more to add when my proof arrives!

Best regards, Doug

3 thoughts on “In Passing – Second Blurb Edition published

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  1. Thanks!

    I am not usually a big fan of the full bleed images, but after reviewing Beth Dow’s “In the Garden”, and Julie Blackmon’s “Domestic Vacations”, I found that I really liked their full bleed imagewrap book covers.

  2. You are right about the full bleed cover wrap, very effective images, both front and back. I like the text positioning too.

    The book previews on Blurb look impressive Doug, but with the pound/dollar exchange being what it is now it’s out of my price range I’m afraid!

    I’d like to get the Beth Dow as well, but the same financial constraints apply…

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