Critical Mass submissions

Over the weekend, I received the all of the Critical Mass submission’s on CD. I believe that there are about 640 submissions, which then had to be reduced to 175 for the final determination of 50.

I have two takes on this CD, first if I was in the shoes of one who was juring, and second a reflection on my own submission.

The one thing that is evident as I cruise through the submissions is the diversity of the photographers and the submissions that were made. So it is interesting to think in terms that if I were one of those who were trying to reduce the 640 to 175, who and what might have chosen? Would my choices have included many of those who did make the next round of judging?

I will admit, that those submissions that had content around a chosen subject create a stronger impression than those submissions which appear to be a collection of random photographs. I found myself lingering longer with the series submissions. Then I think about the amount of time that the first group of judges had to process this large amount of information to proceed to the next stage. My guess is that they did not have much time to review each and every image for each submission.

The second thing that I realized is that my submission of triptychs did not create the best situation for my work. If one of my triptych’s is 1000 pixels wide, it ends up looking like a narrow stream of small photographs compared to a single image that is 1000 pixels wide that is sized square or normal rectangle. A triptych in comparison just does not have the same impact as a single large image. And if my work is not represented by one of the judging gallery owners, or my name does not have any recognition value, then this is even a less of a reason to fully investigate my submission further. sigh.

I don’t want to sound like sour grapes, but I need to consider the process and not place myself at a disadvantage. Three small images in a series does not have the same impact as one large image. I already have found that my triptychs are complex and not an easy read, thus probably the wrong series to end up with asking for a quick comprehension and good determination.

So the take away and lessons learned is to be sure of a submission process and the potential impact a project might have.

Okay, now back to some writing and editing. And I have been thinking about a developing a large format Blurb book as a retrospective of my natural landscape photographs (1973-2007) prior to placing an emphasis on my urban landscape projects.

Best regards, Doug

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