Always options


Tree Grove, Indiana, 2007 copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Finishing my book In Passing and now waiting for the first proof (suppose to ship tomorrow) I found myself with that “in between” feeling. Somewhat similar to the “let down” that many of the SoFoBoMo book publishers felt after an intense 30 days of creating, developing and publishing a entire project or series into their books.

Feeling really good that it was finished, but yet kinda apprehensive of what am I suppose to be doing now, sorta of thing. One idea I had was to put some closure on my prior natural landscape work and self-publish a book on the photographs that I made from 1973 to about 2006/7 when the natural landscape was my principal interest. But today, I am not so sure.

In 2001 or 2002, I had switched to color film for my natural landscape photographs, realizing that I might have more creative controls with the use of Photoshop layers to create my black & white tonal separations with the scanned negatives. Although I have a body of black & white photographic work, I also have a small latent color landscape body of work. And I have started to re-examine the underlying color negatives with the potential of creating color photographs instead. hmmmm.

So I am going to take a lot more time to think about these later natural landscape photographs. And in the last couple of years of my natural landscape photographs, I found myself with images like the one with this post, Tree Grove, Indiana. Not in any way the traditional natural landscape photograph, either in color or black & white. No eye popping, super saturated color sunset, eh?

But there is something about this image that keeps drawing me back, I can not shake this image from my subconscious. So I know there is something else going on, which I want to take some more time to work on similar photographs, to further explore my options.

So in the mean time, I am going through my photographic images from last year in Riverside County, which were side tracked with my trips to China. I know that the Riverside photographs had a big influence on what I perceived and photographed in China.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. I can see why you find this compelling. The small naked band of trees standing apart—isolated and huddled together against the cold; the blue tones driving home the temperature; the brown grass providing the ideal contrast to ground the image. For me, the picture is rich with mood and atmosphere, as well as emotion.

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