untitled, Riverside County, California, 2007, copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Here in the United States, we are about to celebrate a holiday we call Thanksgiving. This holiday is from a celebration by the very early settlers in the U.S., that they were still alive and giving thanks for all that they had.

I do not usually get very philosphical in this journal, as some of my blogging buddies Anita Jesse & Paul Lester are more apt to do. So thank you Anita & Paul for providing those positive thoughts on a more frequent basis. And so in a slight departure and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am going to share some of my outlook and thoughts, as to giving thanks and the good stuff that comes from it.

First is the whole idea of giving thanks, to those you love and care about, as well as what you have today. It may not be the best there is, but is the best you have today. The theme here is to give thanks and give thanks for what you have today.

I was reminded recently that finding contentment and being happy comes from appreciating what you have now, not what you might have in the future. Who in the heck wants to be only happy in the future and not happy today? We do not know what will happen tomorrow, but we are here today, so make the most of it, eh? Same goes for holding onto past issues, which can essentially ruin the chances of being content today.

I am not against planning for the future or learning from the lessons of the past. Case in point, I have a bunch of great cameras today, not the best of the best, but ones that work wonderfully to get the photographs that express my feelings and thoughts. So I am content with what I have and learn to get the most out of what I use. I do not what to find myself thinking that I will only be content or happy after the purchase of some mega-giga-delux camera system. I may plan to acquire one at some point, but the fact that I do not have it today is not going to effect my giving thanks and being content with what I have now.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, tell someone who you have not had the occasion to say “thank you” to recently, and let them know that you are thinking of them and that you appreicate them with a wonderful and warm “Thank You”. I think you will be glad you did;- )

Thus, I want to say Thank You all for your support, comments and letting me vent on occasion, or beat some photographic project to death this past year!

Best regards, Doug

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  1. What a lovely reminder—one most of us can use, unfortunately. As far as your not frequently waxing philosophical, maybe Paul and I need the balance provided by the engineers who just keep their heads down, while producing the product, along with the nuts and bolts analysis of the whys and hows. At any rate, I enjoy enormously your writing and your photos. While I wish you great success with all your projects, I hope you don’t get so busy with them that you don’t have time to share with the rest of us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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