Conceptually Innovative


Riverside County, CA 2007 copyright of Douglas Stockdale

In thinking about my post yesterday regarding my attempts to deal with Pictorial Space, I think the idea of just trying to work with the spacial aspect was that it just is not exactly conceptually innovative. Nothing new, eh? And not exactly innovative or cutting edge.

At one time, I thought that for a body of work, a series of photographs, to be considered contemporary, that conceptual innovation should be part of the consideration. That idea of change for changes sake. To experiment and explore a concept. So I guess the concept I am exploring is space. hmmmm.

Well, I guess the idea now is just to proceed and see what happens next, eh?

Best regards, Doug

One thought on “Conceptually Innovative

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  1. Hello Doug,

    I have been thinking the same thing for a little while now. I have had trouble applying a conceptual framework to what I love to do, which is go out and take landscape photographs. I thought to myself “why do I need to apply some kind doctrine to these photographs, when I already know what I want to do?”

    I have come around to thinking that the framework can be useful both to help define the project, and also clarify your intentions for your audience. It’s not necessarily a ball and chain around your neck.

    I think your statement about exploring space may be a bit vague, but I understand what you’re getting at. You have gotten further along than I have. All I know at the moment is that I want a stronger sense of self-guidance for my current series of work. I wrote about it this very morning on my blog, in fact.


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