In Passing – received my Blurb 2nd Edition copy

I received my “production proof”, or the first printed copy of In Passing from Blurb a couple of days ago, so I have been going over it in detail.

So first thoughts: larger size is very impressive, as is the image-wrap hardcover book. At 80 pages (40 sheets), it is on the minimum size for the hardcover binding, as the binding back is wider than the thickness of the pages, thus a little stress on the cover at the binding edge. I had reviewed Jonathan  Smith’s Bridge Project which has 152 pages, and fills out the hardbound binding really nicely. Nevertheless, the 80 pages does work, but it will be interesting to see how it holds up over time.

I think that the 100lb luster “premium” paper adds a tremendous amount to the books appearance and the look of the duotone photographs. I noted a big difference in the color photographs of Ben Roberts One More Night, a Blurb book which is printed on the same premium paper. The premium paper is a large added expense, but I think the premium upgrade is worth it.

There are still some niggling details, but not worth getting into. Overall, expect for the cost, it is really nice and a huge improvement over my smaller softbound first edition. And since I stopped selling the first edition, I think that there were a total of two printed, so how is that for a small limited edition? And my copy is not for sale;- )

Best regards, Doug

2 thoughts on “In Passing – received my Blurb 2nd Edition copy

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  1. Hey Doug,

    I have sent you multiple e-mails in the last tre weeks and all return to me with an error message. Do you have a problem with e-mail?

    Warm regards,


  2. Hello Miguel,

    I just received your em off-line this morning from your other account, and hopefully you just received back my reply. As to the em issues, I wish I knew what the problem was, and thanks for your deligence!

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