Foundations – Limited Edition folio updates


Old Snow, Big Bear Mountain, 1978 copyright of Douglas Stockdale

I have been inventorying my existing photograph prints regarding my re-embracement of Limited Editions. For the silver gelatin prints that I have made over the last twenty five years, that continues to be daunting, as another one resurfaces every now and then as I dig through my piles of “stuff” (I’d rather not use the term my wife describes it as).

One of the outcomes from this process is to restate my Landscapes: 1975 – 1985 folio that I created a year ago, as a Limited Edition folio. I need to update the Authenticity page to reflect which print number is in each folio, and number the prints themselves on the verso. For those folios that I have already sold, I will be just sending out the updated Cover Page/Index, Colophon, Introduction and Certificate of Authenticity.

So in anticipation of figuring out how many of each print that I actually printed, I have started to re-print parts of the folio for the update. And I hope to have this all completed in the next couple of weeks. So in anticipation of completing the updates for the Limited Edition folios, I have just added a link on the side to help promote a few more sales.

I have also reconsidered the Limited Edition folio’s price in light of the current economy.  The remainder of the first five folios will be at my introductory price of $1,200 each, including shipping worldwide. I will start incrementally increasing the Foundations folio’s price with number six. So here is an excellent opportunity to purchase a complete set of 12 loose prints, pigment ink on 8 1/2 x 11 308gm Hahnemuhle Photo Rag and enclosed in an archival folder.

The other component that is being revised for this folio is a re-statement of the Introduction. I have had more time to reflect on the meaning of this body of work and have realized that the initial Introduction was insufficient. Thus an updated statement. So I think that this will probably be the last page printed for the folio.

Best regards, Doug

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