Developing the Limited Edition book


Country Road, Texas from the project In Passingphotography copyright of Douglas Stockdale

I have been looking for an elegant way to complete the Limited Edition book and photograph for In Passing. At the moment, it appears that the print will probably be the easier of the two, but I want to do a little more than just shrink wrap the photograph inside a sleeve, which is inside the book.

So I am now considering a larger archival folio folder similar to the one that I used with my Foundations  Limited Edition. I am just off on one dimension, the outside dimension of the book is 11 x 13″, the inside of the folio is slightly larger than 11 x 14″. And the thickness of the book matches the inside width of the filo folder. Two out of three is not that bad, eh?  So now I need some kind of elegant 1″ spacer to keep the book from sliding around inside the folio folder. So I’ll order one of the folios and then start hunting around, so not quite ready to sign the photo-eye contract yet until I’m a little more sure of just what I am doing.

Meanwhile, I did update the Blurb site for the “trade” edition of In Passing, to reflect the limited production to 100, to change the book’s availability to the hard cover with dust jacket and to change the paper to the standard 80 lb paper. And I dropped the books price a little as well. I also notified Laura at the 23 Sandy Gallery to reduce the price of the books at her gallery, even though they still have the premium paper.

So the gallery has a couple of the trade versions with the premium paper, as do I.  But I will sign my trade copies as well if someone wants to purchase one directly from me at the new price. So  I need to update my static web site with this new information later this week.

And I have been working some rough drafts of the introduction for my Foundations Limited Edition folio. I really do need to get that finished this week and then update the remaining folios as well as mailing  the updates for the folio’s that I have already sold.

I am still working the details to provide my two workshops locally in O.C., which will be nice. So perhaps sometime this summer.

Best regards, Doug

BTW I recently took a 10x loop to examin the printed pages of the Blurb books as compared to some of the recent Hong Kong, China and Korea books that were offset halftone printed.  The Blurb printing actually looks better, with finer detail and more probably more dpi than the offset plates. Now the book binding between the two does not compare, as the stiched binding on an offset printed book is much nicer, as well as a wider selection in available papers to print the books on.  Nevertheless, that digital halftone of Blurb with the HP Indgo 5000 printer is pretty darn good. Most be the Modernist (photographer) side of me to be concerned about the print quality.

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