The PhotoBook

First, interesting week. Having the new flooring laid in the studio was a one day job,and it looks great. But that was followed by the carpet in the house, only one day, eh? BUT with moving everything out to get the new stuff down, getting everything back in place is a slooooow pain in the hinny. Yeah, it is still not done yet, but we are making progress.

Meanwhile, early last week Miguel Garcai-Guzman had some nice stuff to say about my photo book review blog, The Photo Book on his blog, Exposure Compensation. Nice! Then a couple of days later, a nice follow on article was written on APhotoEditor and later that same day another article on Jen Bekman’s HeyHotShot! blog. All of a sudden, I found out how nice it is be the center of a small blog-buzz, and a good one at that. 

And today I have just published my 45th photo book review, Eiji Ina’s Emperor of Japan.

One of the outcomes of all of this was Miguel’s identifying my blog by the name PhotoBook, which everyone continued to use. hmmmm, it did not sound bad at all. Since it did not require any changes to the WordPress address, I just morphed the change from The Photo Book to The PhotoBook. Who knows, maybe I might just make it ThePhotoBook, but for now, The PhotoBook looks fine. This requires a little housekeeping for my internal links, but not that much work involved.

Very nice, and big thanks to Miguel for improving the look with a little more contemporary name.

Best regards, Doug

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