Where is this blog going?

I have found that I do not feel as compelled to write something on this blog each day like I did a couple of years ago. Perhaps that is resulting from diveristy of the other blogs that I contribute to. Maybe this is the post-publishing let down after finishing Insomnia: Hotel Noir?

For general photographic news that I want to share, I find myself posting that over at The Photo Exchange. Seems a better fit. And we now have two other PhotoTeam contributors helping out on The Photo Exchange, so we can share posting duties, thank you Jim and Gina.

My love of photobooks and my thoughts about them are being published on The PhotoBook, and my quick daily notes about what I doing during the development of my book reviews are being posted on The PhotoBook  Facebook fan page. And I am still assessing the whole Facebook thing.

So it appears that Singular Images will be where I formulate and share my thoughts about my personal photo projects.

Others have also remarked to me that their blogs are seemingly drifting away from them, probably for many reasons.  The competiton for information increases. Seems you can post the same info in so many places; web sit, blog, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc.

So I find that if I am trying to cover all of my informational bases, I am not working on my own projects. So probably expect to see spurts here on Singular Images, some content from time to time on the Photo Exchange, and hopefully a weekly photobook review on The PhotoBook.

Now I need to focus on preparing my Photolucida’s Critical Mass submission; 10 images from Insomnia: Hotel Noir and my Blurb Photography.Book.Now submission, also Insomnia.

And what photo project I want to work on next…

Best regards, Doug

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