Book submission back on track

Interesting week, but the net result is that today I am getting back on track with my book submission for Insomnia: Hotel Noir.

First I could not  the user’s manual for the monitor calibration and it had been a bit too long since I had updated my monitor calibration (yeah, I know, not a smart thing with an LCD monitor), so it was not coming back to me very quickly. But then a brain-fart; I would do a quick comparison to one of my other monitor settings and sure enough I found a profile that put me back on track.

Then I needed to puchase the exact paper I wanted to use for my book submission, as I really want to put my best foot forward. I was lucky and found the right size and quanity way in the back of the paper bin at the only local camera store who carries the Harmon Fb Mp I needed. So far, so good.

Then I fired up the Epson 4800 and only find that I was essentially out of Light-Light Black. Grrrrr. I diffinitely need that ink, so back to another camera store that maintains a good stock of the Epson 4800 110ml replacement cartrigdes. Now I was back home in time to help pick up a birthday cake for my grandson’s birthday party and the rest of the day was having fun with the family and to print another day.

Which takes me to today. So I write this while my first test print air dries to ensure that everything is lined up. I guess I could have tucked it into the microwave to expidite the dry down, but my wife seems to think that this is not a bright idea as to how it might effect the food. I am not going to argue.

Which reminds, how I really like the look and feel of the Harman Fb Mp papers. so nice.

Best regards, Doug

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