Successful book query

I think that I have made a successful next step in publishing my project Insomnia: Hotel Noir, which is to have a book query acknowledged and a request for a formal book submission.

One big goal for Insomnia: Hotel Noir was to have it published by a traditional publisher. And one of the advantages of the multitude of photobooks that I review for The PhotoBook is becoming familiar with the types of books each of the many book publishers seem to be interested in. And each publisher does have what I will call a photobook personality. I will cruise through my photobook publishers links, to see what each of the publishers have just released or will soon be releasing. After a while, you can sense what type of photobook they will publish, as well as what kind of book is missing from their lists.

In my case, Insomnia is probably not destined to be a big hit book, which for the big publishers is between 10,000 – 150,000+ books, which are the books you will find in Borders and the like. Thus I think Insomnia is a better fit with one of the smaller publishers who print in quantities of 1,000 – 2,000 books, maybe even less. I also feel I need a publisher who is interested in a cinematic story, with an intriguing story line and open to photographer who is not represented by a photo gallery (yet).

One of my primary intent’s with the self-publishing of the Blurb version of Insomnia is that this would make an excellent book dummy for a publication submission. My one concern was that I had to edit (crop) a number of the photographs to obtain what I thought was a great looking book with the available Blurb format. Second concern, to ensure that a publisher knew that I was not tied to the hip with my Blurb design version and that I was open to another to work with a design team.

So I had linked my Blurb “book dummy“, my Insomnia blog, the project photos that I have on my web site  to an email to one publisher that I was very interested in and asked if they saw a potential fit and what their book submission policy was. Apparently that was sufficient information in my query that they could see how my book could fit within their book publishing interests and asked for me to make a formal submission.

Next step, I have to purchase additional 13 x 19 Harmon FB Mp paper, complete my monitor calibration and make a complete set of prints for my formal submission. I hope that I can have that completed sometime next week. Yeah!

Still a long way to go yet. I think of it as getting to first base.

Best regards, Doug

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