GA beach cottage


Beach cottage, St Simons GA copyright of Douglas Stockdale

This is one of those photographs that will serve as a memory link to a nice vacation with most of my family on St Simons island on the S.E. coast of the Atlantic. I had been eyeing this corner for most of the week, but then when we had some overcast days with some occasional rain, the lighting seemed right.

Photographs serve many purposes and documenting such a scene, which will link my memory to my feelings of this time, is but one use. The condensate that is on the inside of the window will remind me that we had a/c inside the cottage, keeping things cool, while outside it was a bit hot and humid. I found out that the fishy weather vane had been on the roof, but at sometime it came down and now sits in vigil in this corner of the dining room. The shell box on the table was constantly be refilled by newly found shells, but then the shells would then be borrowed away, to be played with as part of some game by the kids. The ebb and flow of empty shells. The wicker chair on the edge, was much like all of the wicker chairs through the cottage and similar to the wicker rocking chairs on the “front” porch, overloading the beach. With the wooden floors, nobody paid much attention if they were dripping wet when just coming off playing in the surf and needed a coke from the fridge. Usually a water puddle or two at most times through out the day.

Already nice memories….

Best regards, Doug

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