Working on my fashion project

Fashion_PavillionsFashion Pavillions by Douglas Stockdale from the project Milan Fashion Week

One of my challenges for blogging my photo-project Milan Fashion Week is to think of my postings in reverse, as I want someone to connect to the blog and experience it as I envision as they scroll down. Which means posting the last images first, the first images last, as I make a separate post for each photograph.

The biggest complication was losing the last two days of the shoot while I was in Milan and not sure when I will be back again to fill in the gaps. There is a small chance that I may be back in Milan this November, but it will be different than the warm, sunny days we had a couple of weeks ago during Fashion Week. bummmer.

But this project does not necessarily need to be photographed entirely in Milan. Great being in Milan during Fashion Week fired me up for this project, so the momentum carries me forward as I develop my conceptual intent. Perhaps not the first person to mock this whole fashion thing, but just as Old Blue Eyes sang, I’m doing it my wayyyyyy….

Okay, enough for now, back to editing and posting…and I have a couple of book reviews that I am in the middle of for photo-eye magazine, which I need to finish…

Best regards, Doug


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