Back home again, again

Clouds (over Atlanta) by Douglas Stockdale

This last trip to Europe was a essentially all business, either in a hotel or a manufacturing facility from sun-up to past sunset. Initially I was going to have a brief opportunity to stop in Milan, but plans changed in many aspects, but instead an extra day in Rome before making the connection up to Manchester, UK.

Interesting hotel in the greater Manchester area, White’s hotel is connected to the Bolton Wanders soccer stadium. There are a couple of rooms in the hotel that allow you to see inside the stadium, but the room I had was not one of them.

At the moment, still feeling the effects of the jet lag, although sipping my morning cup of Joe, my body thinks it is evening time. oh well, what comes with the job, eh?

With the fly time, I have had a chance to work on some book reviews, having finished my Linda Gordon biography of Dorothea Lange on the way to Rome, collecting my notes and publishing my review while in Manchester. But I think that I might need to re-read this book again some time in the near future, Gordon provided a lot of interesting information and I enjoyed her writing style. Likewise, I also started to work on a review of Chris McCaw’s Sunburn and Arnoud Bakker’s Atropa bella donna. For Bakker’s book, I only recently figured out the title is a name within the genus of plants in the nightshade family, and this is the particular name is for the deadly nightshade; Atropa belladonna. hmmmm, an interesting aspect of this book that I will need to spend a little more time considering.

Best regards, Douglas

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